I googled ambition and this is the definition that came up: a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

7 thoughts on “Ambition

  1. You are a very important person who has contributed much to the world including two successful children who are making their mark in the world. Your not working for 12 years allowed Gary to make his mark on his patients. You continue to leave your mark by writing this blog. It gives readers chance to pause and think about their own feeling. I’m so proud of all my “oldest” friend has accomplished!


  2. I believe you are being a bit modest about your accomplishments when you were home with your children.
    You were an extremely valuable member of the Guilderland Board of Education for nine years. Our school district was lucky to have someone like you on the Board and I was fortunate enough to meet you during that time.


  3. I think you are very fortunate to be able to feel like you do not regret your decisions. I think so many people have such regrets. In particular, being able to realize that making the choice to pursue family and live with perhaps less career achievement than what you once dreamed of-realize that this was the right choice for you-is a real blessing. It is contrary to many of the messages women receive.
    What you have done has contributed to our community, to education in New York, to so many people through your writing and to your ever grateful family. Thank you.

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  4. The fact that you do not regret your decisions is actually quite understandable. When faced with a fork in the road, the rational path you choose to take is not the result of a coin toss. It is the result of all that preceded; the totality of experiences and emotions. The mathematics of your life’s ledger’s pluses and minuses; risk v benefit. Your writings continue to expose your ability to have maintained that ledger in perfect balance. Carry on.


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