We Made It!

We made it! After planning, adjusting, worrying, fretting and more planning, the wedding weekend not only happened, it was a success. In the face of Covid, we pulled it off. We won’t fully exhale for another two weeks or so, when we see that no one in our little gathering got sick, but the important event was accomplished. Ben and Leah are husband and wife!

We started planning Leah and Ben’s wedding Pre-Covid (PC). It is hard to remember that there was a PC time, but there was. We had a big bash planned – with some 200 guests, a venue reserved, hotel rooms blocked, photographer and DJ booked, etc. After the plague struck, for a while we held out hope that time was on our side – that December was far enough off so the worst of the virus would be over. As the pandemic wore on, it became clear that the it wasn’t going to be the case and that the original plan would have to either be cancelled entirely or significantly modified.

Happily, the kids decided they wanted to keep their wedding date (12/12/2020). They scrapped the idea of a big shindig this year and agreed that they would just have their immediate family (12 of us – maybe there is something to that number for them). In October we set about looking for an inn in Massachusetts. We settled on the Red Lion in Stockbridge.

I lived in anxiety that there would be a lockdown as the coronavirus raged. I just wanted our daughter to have this and I didn’t want the plague to win. When Friday arrived and Gary and I left for Stockbridge, I finally felt some relief. Even if Massachusetts declared a shutdown, they usually give a couple of days notice so in that respect, we were in the clear. I can declare that we pulled it off and I have photographic evidence.

Friday evening we started the festivities by visiting Winterlights at Naumkeag Estate in Stockbridge.

The room where it happened, including a table with family wedding photos.

The bride and groom, and the cutest flower girl ever! Good friends, Sarah and John officiated.

I am so grateful for the riches of this past weekend. Our daughter who was so joyful. Our son-in-law who is so warm and loving. Our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter who are fun, funny, and all-around fabulous people. Our newest family members, Ben’s parents, Kathy, and Gary and Alex (Ben’s brother) – all good-natured, generous and happy participants in all of the activities. The food and drink were great. The accommodations were more than comfortable. We made beautiful memories and hopefully got Leah and Ben off on the right track (to borrow a phrase from Leah’s grandpa David). We look forward to many more shared celebrations.

Note: Some of the photos were taken by Kathy Johnson, some by Gary Bakst and some by me. Frankly I’m not sure which were which at this point, but thank you both for sharing!

9 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. Thank you for sharing. The pictures are wonderful and I enjoyed our FaceTime. I loved dressing up as if I were there and clicking glasses of wine on the screen. All wonderful nmazel tov again. Much love


  2. I left out the sentence how radiant Leah and Ben looked. I loved her non traditional wedding gown and the flowered head piece. Everyone looked so happy congratulations on a job well done


  3. So happy for Leah and Ben, and for you as well. Great pictures. I look forward to next year when we all can gather to celebrate together.


  4. What a great time! Congratulations, or, as our granddaughter Evey said (combining Mazel Tov and congratulations) mazulations!
    This wonderful couple deserved a joyful event and I am so pleased they got to experience just that. Of course, the joy goes well beyond just them. I could not be happier and more thrilled.


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