Writing and Memory

Accumulation of debris

Layers of particulate

Remnants of experience

Threads of memory

Reminders of disappointment, joy, hurt and love

Bury it or stir it up?



Worn pathways

Channels in my brain

Seeking expression

Patterns of thought and belief

Like grooves in a vinyl record

Can I fill in, smooth over, or redirect?

Should I?


4 thoughts on “Writing and Memory

  1. You have to follow your path. Your search for comprehending the past is certainly understandable (and your blogs are great to read).. were I too try to understand all the past events , or the most memorable events, in my lifetime, I suspect that the endeavor would not lead to tranquility (for me). But this of course is a hypothetical assessment as my capacity to recall the past does not closely resemble yours. …as you uncover the debris…my thought is… listen to Leah’s music. Focus on beauty. There is so much of it for you and our family, in large part, because of who you are. (And no Gary has not accessed my email, or Facebook, or wherever I am writing this).


  2. It is always challenging to decide what to do with those troubling memories. And they always find a way of showing up, intruding. Being honest, a path you have chosen-maybe better said, a path that has chosen you and left you with no alternative route, has its drawbacks and its pain. But, in the end, isn’t truth always the best choice?
    Of course, there are those sticky little details like whose truth, which truth to tell. Being fair to the truth and also fair to yourself and to those who are floating around in your remarkable memory is not an easy balancing act. But, if it is done with love, with listening to others and with understanding, it can help us achieve a new and perhaps more nuanced awareness.
    Or you could take my view and forget the truth.
    Thank you for the poetic, non-rhyming and well written blog post.


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