The Path of Least Resistance

fullsizeoutput_f17Oh paperwork!!!

Letters, notices and advertisements pile up on my kitchen counter

Which electricity supplier should I use?

Is there a difference among them?

A notice of unclaimed funds arrives in my mailbox

Three phone calls placed, four completed forms submitted

Five months later, I receive a check for $2.50

Another notice arrives via email

The bank has closed an account due to minimal activity

I ignore it

Four months later, I need that account

Something to do with a trust

A visit to the bank is in my near future

Oh paperwork!!!

The La-Z-Boy in the family room invites me

I take the novel I started

Settle into the comfy chair

And disappear into 1980 Atlanta.

(For those who are curious, the novel was Silver Sparrow by Tayari

2 thoughts on “The Path of Least Resistance

  1. I cannot comment about the misery of dealing with all of those little, frustrating issues because I have no real idea what that is like. However, I would like to imagine a trip on the subway using that newly found $2.50. Perhaps you could ride to the Bronx Zoo or the Botanical Gardens. You could spend a beautiful, warm and breezy day admiring lovely horticultural presentations and watching lions and tigers and bears. Stroll around the grounds, stop for a cool beverage and do some people watching. A memory that will stay with you long after the sun sets.
    I would just buy a slice of pizza.


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