Another Poem: Search Terms


Search Terms

Google Chrome icon, click, type in search bar

Redress number passport

Okay, not applicable.

How to move across country

Hmmm – stuff to think about.

Greyhound shipping

They have a student discount.

Restaurants that deliver near me

What kind of food do we want?

Key Bank locations in NYC

Only one!

Cabinet depth refrigerators

Need to look at Consumer Reports, who subscribes?

The Wire

One of the top television series of all time, according to this article.

Dominic West

He’s English, who knew?

Several, few, couple: definitions

Still don’t understand the difference, but they aren’t interchangeable.

Eye muscles

There are six.

Bronchoalveolar carcinoma

A term describing certain variants of lung cancer.


Scroll through pages of information

More questions, more searches

No answers

10 thoughts on “Another Poem: Search Terms

  1. Interesting your search items you choose to write. I think if I had to write , which I couldn’t there wouldn’t be any like yours. I guess except for Google and an actors name , or movie title, it would be interesting . It is a different kind of poetry, but. I found it interesting


  2. Ok, I’m pretty slow but I’m starting to get some of this. The search terms define what the issues in our lives are at this time. And Google, which is a rather impressive search engine, has yet to solve our actual problems. So, with your permission, I will add:

    Aging parents, increasing health issues, still in Florida.

    Very thoughtful. Thank you. hopefully somebody reading has actual answers.


  3. Very cute. Question to ponder: Are today’s apps (such as Google, Youtube, etc ) helpful or a hinderance to businesses? For example the do it yourself (DIY) market aided by the web has taken away a lot of low paying jobs – for instance we just purchased a queen size bed (online). Delivery came via Fedex. We put it together ourselves. Had it not been for an online search, probably would have purchased the bed in a store with delivery and set up by the delivery people. Yes the cost to us personally was less, but for the economy as a whole not so good. Buying online took away a sale from the furniture store sales person as well as the furniture store’s delivery team. However, did it increase the sale of the bed manufacturer (made in china whether store bought or online)? Shipped by boat to the US. Unloaded on an east coast doc then trucked to a Fed Ex distribution center and then onto a Fedex truck and delivered to my house, where I then had to lug a hundred pounds of furniture into my house. So are the Fedex companies of the world increasing their employee numbers? Probably not as automation has had a rather substantial impact on how today’s packages wind up at your door step. And in the not so distance future watch out for drone deliveries. For smaller packages I should hope and not the hundred pound packages!


    1. Steve, I think about this stuff all the time. I don’t think we know how this all shakes out. But, the genie is out of the bottle, so I think the question becomes how we keep track of the impact on people and make adjustments so people don’t fall through the cracks. And, I hope drones don’t deliver packages that are hundreds of pounds!


  4. With the exception of the lines pertaining to my, I mean, our LEAH, I think…you think too much. You should follow the lead of me– and limit your inquiries to Sports…and it will be easier.


    1. First, Mom, there is no doubt you are unusual :). In many ways it has served you well. I’m not sure that it is a good thing that the poem brought this to your attention. I’m sorry if it stressed or saddened you.


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